Join The Care Finder’s Initiative Udhavi – Gift your time to Elder Care in Chennai

Give an elder the gift of your time.

Time and attention is something that most ageing elders crave. With many of them living in isolation with very little occasion to interact with others, they look forward to having people visit and interact with them. Loneliness makes them hanker for pleasant company and the opportunity to talk to and laugh with someone which is one of the best gifts for the elderly.

And it was to meet this need that Udhavi was set up. The NGO encourages people to volunteer their time to make an elderly person’s day worthwhile by offering elderly care events Chennai. Whether it is just sharing a cup of tea, playing fun games for senior citizens, helping an elder revisit an abandoned hobby or just devoting quality time to help fill a void, Udhavi offers many avenues for volunteering your time.

As a member of Udhavi, Care Finder offers its support to help connect volunteers with the NGO to provide services needed by senior citizens. So if you would like to give an elderly person the gift of your time and companionship, download the Udhavi form here to sign up. If you live in Chennai, call us and we will pick up the form for the elderly services program and hand it over to Udhavi.

The Udhavi Venture Promotes Elder Care Services through Volunteer Work for Elders in Assisted Living

Care Finder is also associated with many other NGOs that focus on providing senior citizen help service. Very shortly we will be bringing you the option to sign up with them through us.

Volunteer For Elderly Care at An Old Age Home Through Care Finder

The gift of your time is the most meaningful and precious gift that you can give an ageing elder. Choose to brighten someone’s day today. Download the Udhavi form here.

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