Computer Training for Seniors

Helping Seniors To Stay Up-To-Date And Connected To The World Around Them

Knowing how to use a computer is certainly necessary for ageing parents who want to stay in touch with their children living far away. However, not all senior citizens have working knowledge of computers and are forced to depend on someone to help them with the basics which is where Care Finder’s senior citizens training programs in Chennai come in.

Care Finder Arranges Computer Training for Senior Citizens in Chennai

At Care Finder we know how important it is for ageing parents living alone to constantly be in touch with their loved ones living abroad. Hence we have partnered with recognised institutions that offer special computer classes for senior citizens.

Helping the Elderly Stay Connected & Become Tech Savvy

Whether your elderly parents are looking for private lessons through online classes for senior citizens at home or prefer to meet others like them in computer courses for adults we can help them find the right senior citizen computer training programme.

Care Finder Helps Elders With Simple Computer Skills Training

From beginner computer lessons for adults that cover the basics of emails, net-banking and chatting and video calling to even MS Office and windows 10 classes for seniors, they can choose a wide variety of levels based on their interest and convenience. In addition, your elderly parents can also choose customised training to use different devices, such as Windows, Apple, tablets and phones.

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