Get Access To Industry Insights And Comprehensive Research Data On The Senior Citizen Care Sector.

At Care Finder, we help private providers foraying into the industry of elderly care services in Chennai to uncover insights, conduct market research and shape the products, services and senior living experience that they offer their clients.

The senior citizens care industry is constantly evolving. Private providers of elderly care will have to change quickly to keep pace with changing demands. At Care Finder, we offer holistic senior care consulting services that assist senior care businesses to address critical issues and explore opportunities.

Care Finder Provides Affordable Elderly Care Consulting Services in Chennai

Our elder care consultants have deep functional expertise with practical experience in the senior care industry, having worked in the frontlines for over a year. Our tailored, short-term and long-term elderly care services at home and senior care consulting services can help private providers streamline their operations, improve visibility and drive business performance.

At Care Finder we’re committed to helping elder care businesses, enhance their services and brand equity and grow their market share in Chennai through care at home services. From drafting standard operating procedures to documenting the manual of practice to charting the roadmap for taking the business to the market, we offer a wide-range of industry insights and consulting services that can helps elder care businesses to become more responsive and better manage their core processes.

Affordable Health Care Services and Home Care Assistance Now Easier to Find

Care Finder’s aging life care consultant services in Chennai cover strategy, marketing, operations, transformation, technology, advanced market research and analytics, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability study. We bring deep, functional expertise combined with a holistic perspective that enables us to find solutions for each of our clients’ unique situation with our expert care consultants for the aging, ranking us among the best of home health consulting companies.

Get Quick Consultation on the Various Aspects of Elderly Care in India

To find out how we can partner your business and provide assistance to navigating the senior care eco-system in Chennai, get in touch with us today.

Our Elder Care Consulting Offering will include:

  • Customised Research & Reports
  • Preparing the Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tailored Training Program for the Support Staff
  • Recruitment
  • Online Strategy Research, Implementation and Management


Case Study

Recently Care Finder conducted a feasibility research for a reputed builder constructing a 150-unit assisted living facility in Chennai. The comprehensive research project followed a holistic approach, which assisted the client to reconsider and restructure certain core areas and functions to meet changing market dynamics. We have currently proceeded to the next phase of the assignment, which includes providing knowledge and insight on design and implementation of various features in the retirement facility. Care Finder will also be working on the marketing initiatives for the elderly retirement home facility provider in Chennai.

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