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Providing, high-quality, hospital-level care to senior citizens with reputed senior home hospital service

A familiar environment has often proven to be an immediate source of comfort and healing. Whether your aging parent is acutely ill, temporarily disabled or requires long-term care, our ‘home hospital facility’ for seniors that will offer a full substitute for acute hospital care. An innovative care model that is proven to be effective in reducing complications, the home hospital service will provide your elderly parent with safe, quality care in the comfort of their home with our senior citizens home assistance service.

Home Hospital Care Services for Senior Citizens in Chennai

It is needless to say that indefinite hospitalisation can be quite expensive. Hence it has become necessary to choose an alternative care model that is not only safe but which can also lower costs.

Providing, High-Quality, Hospital-Level Care To Senior Citizens With Reputed Senior Home Hospital Service

The Care Finder Home Hospital services will help you provide hospital service care at home with personalised care at home by a team of physicians, nurses, and other medical aides certified especially to take care for elders in Chennai.

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Created with the vision to improve the health of acutely ill elders at lower cost, the Care Finder home hospital service ensures that home hospital patients receive the same critical elements of hospital care as equivalent to hospital in patients with at home senior caregivers. Following a patient-centred approach our service is provided and maintained by qualified, competent staff who have extensive experience in handling critical care patients in a home setting.

Care Finder Home Hospital services include:

  • Visits by Nurses, Physician and other clinical staff
  • IV Infusion
  • Tube feeding
  • Wound Care
  • Medication & Symptom Management
  • Diagnostic tests and treatment therapies
  • Evaluation and Assessment
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