Short Stay

Helping you choose the best temporary senior housing and senior living services in Chennai

Short-term stay or respite stay services ensure that your ageing parents are taken care of in a high-quality care environment for a brief span of time. Whether it is a planned or unforeseen circumstance that requires you to find temporary accommodation or if you are hoping for a much-needed break from the daily demands of caring for a loved one, we can help you find the perfect senior temporary housing facility.

Helping You Choose The Best Temporary Senior Housing And Senior Living Services In Chennai

A convenient option, Care Finder’s short stay facilities are predominantly part of our senior retirement community partner facilities, which guarantees that your ageing parents receive high level of services and care in their assisted living facilities. Moreover, our independent senior housing services can also be customised to include skilled nursing assistance, which enable your parents to recover in a safe recuperative environment after an illness or surgery.

Short Term Elder Care With Senior Helpers & Nursing Assistance

From concierge services to dedicated caregiver assistance, Care Finder’s senior short stay providers offer

Find Affordable Short Stay Assisted Living Homes for the Elderly In India

Independent living and assisted living facilities based on your parents’ needs. Offering senior citizens the ideal setting to escape from their normal routine or recuperate after a hospitalisation, our short stay services and elderly assisted living in Chennai will enable your elderly parents to live in a fulfilling, stress-free environment where they can socialise and also receive personalised care and support.

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