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Consulting Solutions for Seniors & Businesses

Care Finder® was established in 2015 with the objective of transforming the way families navigated the complexities of senior care. Our vision is to empower seniors, their caregivers and families with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions.

We recognise that ageing is a natural progression in one’s life. But it does present unique challenges. That's why we offer a consultative approach, taking the time to understand your specific needs and goals. We'll guide you through the entire process, from assessing care requirements to identifying the most suitable solutions. We also recognise the importance of connecting seniors with the right products and services to enhance their quality of life. Further, we leverage our deep knowledge of the senior care landscape, to provide personalised recommendations and solutions.

We partner with businesses in the senior care industry, offering strategic consultations to help them connect with their target audience and expand their reach effectively. Our comprehensive consulting solutions for businesses include market research, strategic planning, and operational optimisation. We further help businesses get access to industry insights and comprehensive research data on the senior care sector.

Our team of experienced professionals brings together extensive experience in elder care, with expertise spanning various product and service lines within the industry. Since our inception, we've successfully completed over 20 projects and assisted over 8,700 individuals and families.

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Who We Are

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Expert advisors & strategic partners
We specialise in personalised guidance for seniors and families seeking care solutions. We collaborate with businesses, offering them valuable insights that drive growth.
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Comprehensive care consultants
Our consultation services cover the entire spectrum of senior care, from home care and senior product recommendations to community design consultation.
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Customised solution providers
We understand that no two situations are alike. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual and business we serve.
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Reliable information resource
We are committed to being a trusted source of information for everyone involved in senior care – families, providers, businesses, and seniors themselves.
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Who We Are Not

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Service aggregators
We are more than that! We provide personalised consultations to help seniors find the best solutions for their unique needs.
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Exclusive in-home care consultants
Our consultations cover multiple facets of senior wellness, from senior-care products and services to community and living environments.
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"One-size-fits-all" provider
We reject standardised approaches and instead offer personalised solutions for seniors and businesses in the senior care industry.
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Limited to individuals & families
We equally assist businesses in the elderly care industry by creating valuable and strategic partnerships.
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Why Choose Us?

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Befitting Solutions

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all or a half-hearted approach. Finding elderly care is challenging, and we are committed to helping you overcome this hurdle with our in-depth approach. We rely on initiatives such as face-to-face interactions, seminars, and knowledge series that delve into the latest trends and challenges in elder care. We engage with senior forums and groups, conduct surveys and research studies, and actively participate in renowned industry groups like the Association of Senior Living or CII elder care support group to deliver outstanding services.
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Personalised Support

Our solutions are highly customised, from insights to inputs. We have a clear way of documenting your requirements and creating solutions that fulfil your needs for various scenarios. With support from our advisory team of industry experts, we consistently deliver beyond your expectations.
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Strong Customer Base

Since our inception, we have served more than 8,000 individuals, families, and businesses. This number is proof of our hard work, commitment, and practical approach. We have established strong relationships with individuals across various service lines whom we trust and work with regularly. To ensure that our customers receive the best possible experience, we attend knowledge workshops, seminars, and industry events where we identify and collaborate with partners who share our values.
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Robust Industry Collaboration

Care Finder® is part of many industry groups, such as the Association of Senior Living, CII Task Force for Seniors, Senior Groups, Senior Citizen Forums, and NGOs in the senior space. Our active participation in these forums or stakeholder groups enriches knowledge in this segment and enhances our value offering to customers.

Our Affiliations in Senior Care

At Care Finder®, we are passionate about advancing senior care through our active memberships in leading organisations dedicated to elder care. Our affiliations allow us to stay connected with industry advancements and contribute to the evolving landscape of senior care services. Here are our principal affiliations:

Dementia India Alliance
As members of this alliance, we engage in the development and dissemination of innovative practices and knowledge in dementia care.
Association of Senior Living in Tamil Nadu
We proudly serve as the coordinator for this association, leading initiatives that enhance living standards and care services for seniors throughout the region.
Mental Health Initiatives with Rotary
Our involvement in mental health programs through Rotary allows us to address crucial aspects of senior well-being, focusing on mental health support for the elderly within the community.

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Whether you're a family seeking the best care for your loved ones or a business looking to elevate your elder care services, Care Finder® offers tailored consultation and strategic insights to support your unique needs.
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Meet Your Care Finders

The team at Care Finder® consists of experts drawn from elderly care-related services and product avenues. Here are the pillars that support and drive our organisation.
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Srikumar P. S.
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Debashree Chatterjee

Our Advisory Team

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Dr. K. R. Gangadharan
Heritage Medical Centre
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Mr. Rangachari R
Profile photo of R. T. Namasivayam, an active senior who has held leadership positions with many of the senior and care forums.Decorative pink colored circles.
R. T. Namasivayam

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