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Experience the difference a reliable companion can make in the lives of your loved seniors. Whether it’s giving company for doctor visits, helping with simple errands, or just offering a friendly conversation, Care Finder® buddies are there to help.
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Tailored Senior Support Solutions

Empowering Senior Independence with a Trusted Buddy

At Care Finder®, we understand the importance of being there for your loved ones, even when you can't be physically present. Our innovative buddy system, currently operational in Chennai, ensures that your family members receive the care and support they need, right at their doorstep.

Through our exclusive partnerships, we bring a range of tailored services directly to your loved ones. Whether it's accompanying them to medical appointments, ensuring their safe travel at the airport or railway station, assisting during routine medical checks or emergencies, or even organising surprise celebrations, we represent you every step of the way.

Our comprehensive support solutions include digitising, updating, and securely uploading medical records, ensuring that all essential information is easily accessible and up-to-date. Every service we offer is customised to meet your specific requirements, providing peace of mind and unmatched convenience.

Our Support Solutions: Enriching Lives, One Senior At A Time

Personalized Assistance Tailored to Individual Needs

Who said that seniors must be confined to their beds or rooms? At Care Finder®, we believe every senior deserves to live an active, engaging, and satisfying life despite health-related restrictions. Our support solutions offer:

Simplify Senior Care With Convenient Support Solutions

Experience peace of mind knowing your loved ones are well cared for. Let Care Finder®'s specialist buddies offer them the support they need in their daily tasks.
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Support Solutions Made Easy With Care Finder®

Customised Support to Fit Your Unique Needs

The need for support varies from one senior to another. We at Care Finder® take a more compassionate approach to match your requirements with a compatible support specialist. Here’s what our team will do:

Client Consultation
We take a thorough approach to understanding and documenting your loved one’s challenges, needs, daily routine, social preferences, and physical and emotional limitations. This approach helps us identify where support is needed the most.
Plan Development
Based on our assessment, we assign a dedicated support specialist who best meets your needs. These specialists are thoroughly vetted for their skills and experience in geriatric care and their personality.
Service Implementation
This is the most delicate part of our service, where we introduce your senior to their support specialist who will be their trusted buddy. Having handled hundreds of such introductions, you can trust our team to make it a smooth experience for everyone.
Consistent Monitoring
We regularly check in to make sure that your loved one's needs are being met and to address any concerns about the effectiveness of our buddy system.
Continuous Communication
Our team remains by your side for as long as you want. We maintain open communication with regular updates or by addressing your concerns about our support services.

Seniors First, Always & Forever

Trust Care Finder® to find heartfelt support for your senior member. Connect with us to discuss our Support Solutions in detail.
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Empowering Senior Life: The Benefits of Elderly Support Solutions

Enhancing Senior Life with Reliable Support
Senior support calls for more empathy, sensitivity, patience, tolerance, and perseverance. Care Finder®'s buddy system goes beyond basic care, offering personalized companionship and support tailored to your loved one's unique needs. Here’s how you benefit from opting for our solutions:
Increased Safety
Whether they are at social outings or doctor’s appointments, our support specialist ensures your senior’s safety. Now, you can rest easy knowing that your elderly family member now has assistance for tasks they find challenging.
Enhanced Independence
With a dedicated care buddy, your elders can manage their daily tasks and appointments confidently, giving them a renewed sense of independence.
Improved socialisation
Having a reliable support specialist by their side helps overcome social isolation and promote emotional well-being in seniors.
Simplified Daily Life
From grocery shopping to daily errands, our care buddies can help make daily life easier and more enjoyable for your elderly loved ones.
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