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Empowering Senior Independence With Safe Home Solutions

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Senior Living Made Simple & Secure

With over 98% of people residing in their own homes, we understand the importance of ensuring that your living environment is not only comfortable but also safe and convenient. Care Finder® offers comprehensive solutions for designing and replanning your houses. We address everything from mobility and safety concerns to incorporating the latest technologies for added convenience.

Our team has extensive experience in helping individuals, particularly elders, revamp their living spaces to enhance safety and accessibility. From redesigning bathrooms to optimising living rooms, kitchens, and utility spaces, we provide personalised recommendations to suit your requirements and budget.

We guide you through every step of the process, from sourcing materials to conducting thorough home audits to identify areas for improvement.

Moreover, we collaborate with Resident Welfare Associations to assess and enhance the elder-friendliness of public spaces. Our solutions extend beyond physical modifications to include digitization of records, external storage suggestions to maximise home space, and regular audits to ensure your living environment remains up-to-date and functional.

Repurposing Spaces For Senior Security & Comfort

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Comprehensive Home Modifications with Expert Guidance

For senior citizens, their home is their sanctuary. Making it senior-friendly is a way of demonstrating your love and concern for your aged family members. Our consultants provide expert guidance on designing age-appropriate kitchens and connect you with skilled professionals to realize these designs. We assess your homes to recommend budget-friendly conveniences and modifications to make life easier for elderly members. Our service roster includes:

Transform Your Home into a Senior-Friendly Space

Let’s discuss how our safe home solution experts can help you create a simple, safe, and functional home for your seniors.
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Care Finder®’s Safe Home Solutions in 4 Easy Steps

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Customised & Simplified Safety Solutions

Ours is a hassle-free way of delivering cost-effective and totally pragmatic safe home solutions for seniors. Here’s how we function once you sign up for our services:

Consultation & Assessment
We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify potential safety hazards and improvement areas. We then provide you with detailed reports and discussions to guide your decision‑making process.
Planning & Recommendations
Our experts will take into consideration your home flooring, lighting, and accessibility to draft a customised plan. Our recommendations prioritise elderly mobility, accessibility, security, convenience, and self‑reliance within your home.
Sourcing & Procurement
Our consultant team offers their expertise in identifying assistive products that meet your needs and budget. We can recommend reliable vendors for procuring products like grab bars, shower seats, and wearable fall‑detection devices.
Follow-Up & Support
Our team will remain in touch with you and conduct a follow‑up visit once the modifications are complete. Care Finder®’s experts ensure that the alterations function in the most befitting manner for your elderly members.

Senior Safety Begins With Care Finder®

Senior safety brings peace of mind to everyone. Connect with Care Finder® to make your home senior-inclusive.
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Empowering Elderly Independence: Benefits of Safe Home Solutions

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Smart Living Solutions for Seniors

Modifying your home with Care Finder’s safe home solutions for elders goes beyond functional purposes. It is an investment that goes a long way. The advantages include:

Better security
Safer environment that minimises the risk of falls, accidents, and injuries.
Enhanced independence
Convenient and familiar landscape where seniors can always be self‑dependent.
Individualised preferences
Well-analysed and tailored modifications that fulfil the specific needs of the senior citizen.
Long-term investment
Minimum or nil accident-causing risk factors that lead to the need for hospital expenses or institutional care.
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