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Showing Love To Your Aging Parents

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Care Finder Team
June 22, 2018
2 min read

Aging parents and adult children definitely aren’t in the comfort zone that they are used to till such time of their lives. With parents being the givers and children the receivers of love & care, this new role can pose a challenge for both alike. Yet, this is the time that elders yearn for attention and crave for the love of their children. It is the responsibility of adult children to take the time to show their love for aging parents. This will help build strong family ties, where each family member knows that they are cherished and appreciated, no matter what the future holds.

How Children Can Show That They Love & Care

There is no rocket science to show your love and care for parents. Given below are a few ideas that will act as a stepping stone to crossover.


You needn’t spend your earnings on something to show your love. A small meaningful gift is all that it takes! It can be as simple as a greeting card, a bunch of flowers or even movie tickets.

Plan an Outing:

A surprise outing is better! Seniors don’t get to go out often; when you plan something that includes them, they would find it exciting. Ensure you take them out some place that you haven’t visited in a while or someplace that they haven’t visited before.

Signup for Activities:

There are plenty of activities today where both the adult child and the elder can participate. Cooking classes, crafts, music, etc can add excitement and give you more bonding time.

Contribute to Society:

Enroll in social service clubs and contribute to the society together. Simple things such as planting trees in the neighbourhood or visiting orphanages can become a mood lifter.

Make their Life Easy:

Ensure that their needs are met. With age, seniors find it difficult to do the daily chores and routines. Hire a help or choose an assisted living facility that will offer them great solace as they get to bond with like minded people of the same age group.

Want to Show them you Care? Contact Care Finder to find out new ways to make Life Easy for your Aging Parents.

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