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Questions to Ask before Choosing a Short-term Stay Facility for Seniors

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Care Finder Team
May 4, 2018
2 min read

It’s that time of the year when the term ‘vacation’ is much spoken about! With educational institutes closed, families choose this time to plan their outing. However, no matter how much you would love to, seniors who have mobility or health issues would find it very inconvenient and difficult to travel.

As families and responsible children, we want the best for our parents even when we are not around. It is for this reason that Short-term Stay Facilities for Seniors is gaining ground. Nevertheless, how do you choose one? Here is a look at the possible questions to ask before finalizing on the short-term facility for your elders.

Location Queries

  • How close is it to the nearest hospital?
  • How far away is it?
  • Are there any special services nearby that your mom/dad might need?

General Care

  • Do they offer special therapy like cognitive, physical or occupational therapy which is part of the routine for your loved one?
  • Are there are rehabilitative facilities?
  • How many medical professionals are available inside the premises?
  • Can they provide all the assistance required?

Facility Queries

  • Is it well lit and ventilated?
  • What kind of food is on the menu?
  • Are there any private areas for senior couples/families to spend time together?
  • Is there a common living/dining area that facilitates residents to get to know each other?
  • Are there private rooms available?
  • How old is the accommodation – building/facility?

Staff Assessments

  • Are the staff members qualified to handle any special care for your loved one?
  • What is the resident to staff ratio?
  • Do they look presentable so that the elder feels comfortable to be around them?

Cost Factor

  • Do they accept medical insurance?
  • Do we need to pay extra for any add-ons such as televisions, air conditioners, phone, internet, etc
  • What are the daily/weekly/monthly rates and what all does that include?

Once you are done with your initial assessments & queries, and are satisfied with the answers received, you can choose the short-term facility.

Are you going on a vacation? Need a short-term facility for your elders? Contact Care Finder @ 91 44 4351 2826 or mail us to info@carefinder.in, for the best choices.

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