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Why a talk about mental health awareness important?

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Care Finder Team
November 10, 2017
2 min read

Talk health. Talk mental health. I saw this very important message tucked away as a small awareness board, not more than 2 feet by 1 foot deep inside the Cubbon Park,  Bangalore. I was very happy to see this board,  but I wished it be of larger size and more prominently displayed for many to see. This cause needs public attention.

In the sprawling Park, which is still thankfully one of the best things about Bengaluru that I will continue to love, this board is nestled in a place along the sidewalk caught my attention immediately. Probably because you get to see things that interest you. Talking about mental health is something many shy away from.  They think this is a social stigma or a matter that should not be shared. The fact is that this actually needs to be discussed and help needs to be reached to the affected. In most cases, the reversal of the patient’s condition which is otherwise possible is lost because of the delay.

Our society has become a lot more inclusive. I am appreciative of the society that we live in, majority has an ear for such awareness.Organizations like Nightingales in Bengaluru and SCARF in Chennai are doing wonderful work around this cause. This issue should become the CSR activity of many organizations that would like to do good to the society in a very meaningful way. It will have a direct impact Bengaluru corporation has taken a positive step. I certainly wish many others can follow.

Organizations like Carefinder caters to needs of such people.  We often find that the care givers need the counselling, more than the patients. Working around Alzheimer’s / Dementia also means reaching the right products and services to the patients.  Their needs are very different, even from a care giver’s perspective. A lot of innovative thinking can make a lot of difference to the lives of these people.  For eg., a photo album with pictures at least 20 years earlier,  older music etc.,  would be a good gift for such people.  More importantly,  we should listen to the care givers.Many a times,  they just want someone to talk to, and who would not be judgemental.

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