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Posted by:   |  Nov 10, 2017

Talk health. Talk mental health.I saw this very important message tucked away as a small awareness board, not more than 2 feet by 1 foot deep inside the Cubbon Park,  Bangalore.I was very happy to see this board,  but I wished it be of larger size and more prominently displayed for many to see. This cause needs public attention. In the sprawling Park, which is still thankfully one of the best things about Bengaluru that I will continue to love, this board is nestled in a place along the sidewalk caught my attention immediately. Probably because you get to see things that interest you. Talking a...  
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Posted by:   |  Oct 14, 2017

Greetings to our most wonderful elder community. As we celebrate 1st October as the World Elder’s day , we thank the many who have given us an opportunity to serve them. Care Finder’s very existence is for assisting a loved one with solutions to their requirements. Over the last two years, we have been able to reach out to multiple people and address a wide range of services . The United Nations General Assembly started celebrating this concept since 1991. The objective was to create awareness to people on issues that affect elders and also to appreciate their contribution towards the society. At Care Finder, we constantly reiterate our belief – Life is t...  
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Posted by:   |  Jul 28, 2017

Is It Ever Too Late To Learn Something New? We live in a world that is driven by technology. Newer and more advanced devices keep getting integrated into our lives. As a Senior Citizen, it’s typical to feel frustrated at these newfangled products, especially if you have no clue as to what it is, or how it works. However, don’t throw away those hard-to-use gadgets just yet. Picture the joy of being able to see your grandchild who lives miles away, perhaps even across the world? Or, the excitement that comes from talking to a long-lost friend who you found recently through social media? This is what innovative tech...  
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Posted by:   |  Jan 18, 2017

Elder care is about comfort in the old age. Comfort is not defined by comfortable living, wealth, good health etc., but about meeting needs. At an age, when one needs to sit, relax and enjoy the natural ageing, many find it difficult to cope with the day to day challenges. Not about health. Not about money. But about basic needs that could be better met with, by or through a caring individual. This is a challenge that confronts most households with elders whose care givers are either out of the country, or are not able to give in that required support, d...  
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Posted by:   |  Jul 22, 2016

Gone are the days when elderly care meant making them sit in groups and watch television. They would watch shows and it will be a constant battle between them to decide what to. Today, it has evolved so much like any other industry or sector. Nursing homes or senior citizen homes offer a variety of activities to keep them engaged and interested. These activities are also aligned with their personal interest so that they are keen on taking part in them. This helps to keep their mind and body healthy and active. These Read more »

Posted by:   |  Jul 15, 2016

In today's world, medical insurance is very important for everyone. Especially for senior citizens, it is a necessity to have a health insurance plan. The charge for all treatment and therapy is increasing each year and without a medical insurance plan, it is very difficult to cover the costs. Sadly, almost 75% of Indian people pay money from their own pocket for medical treatment. In recent years, it has been estimated that many companies have stopped offering medical coverage for the guardians of the employees. This has made health insurance for senior citizensRead more »

Posted by:   |  Jun 24, 2016

Having pets can make any human feel better and good. This is the primary driving force for many people to get pets for themselves and their loved ones. Anyone who has ever been with a loyal dog or cat would testimony, how much happiness it gave them. Now science has proved that, a mere fifteen minutes of bonding with any pet, sets of a chemical chain reaction in the brain. This boosts up the feel good hormone (serotonin) by lowering the cortisol level. This has been proved to lower the blood pressure, stress levels as well as the heart rate. If fifteen minutes with a pet can bring this change, imagine ho...  
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Posted by:   |  Jun 19, 2016

A Father is a man we look up to, no matter how tall we grow” A Dad is our first hero and the man whom we always look up to for inspiration. Though dads do not take part in and each every daily routine, it is their presence and constant support that serves as a life-long inspiration for all of us.

Gift Hunting for Dad Unlike moms who are relatively easier to shop for, shopping for dads is a daunting task. This is because other than the occasional gadgets and ties, dads rarely spurge on themselves. So what better occasion than Father’s Day to celebrate this selfless man in our lives? With Father’s...  
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